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Student Account Proxypay Access

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Intended Audience

This Quicknote is intended for current students who would like to add authorized users to their student account. Also, anyone who is becoming an authorized user from a current student.


As a student who would like to add an authorized user, you will need a computing device, an internet connection, and your duo authentication device.

As an authorized user, you will have to know the email address the student has authorized to, and the password for your authorized account.

Granting Access to an Authorized User:

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in using your UM-Flint credentials, authenticate with DUO.
  3. Click on Authorized Users under the My Profile Setup section.

  1. Click the Add Authorized User button.
  2. Enter the email address of the Authorized User to add, and select the appropriate permissions below.

  1. Click the Continue button and accept the agreement on the screen that appears.
  2. Two emails will be sent to the email address entered containing instructions on how to log in and view your billing and payment plan information.
    • The emails will be from¬† If the emails do not appear shortly, be sure to check the spam folder and any email filters/rules that may be configured.


Making Payments as an Authorized User:

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in via the Authorized Users section, using the username and temporary password emailed to you.

  1. Enter your full name and a new password, then click the Save button.

  1. On the following screen, you will be able to make payments on the student account and, depending on the permissions selected, view billing statements, payment history, and account activity.


If you have any questions or issues with using the Student Account Center services outlined within this Quicknote, please contact the Cashiers department for assistance. For assistance with setting up a proxy user on your SIS account please view our Quicknote: Your Sis Proxy Access User Account.

Location: 261 University Pavilion
Phone: (810) 762-3490

If you have any questions or experience any issues with this Quicknote, please visit or contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.

Location: 206 Murchie Science Building
Phone: (810) 762-3123

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