Blue Jeans Videoconferencing

Blue Jeans Video Conferencing, a new videoconferencing service offered by ITS and Blue Jeans Network, allows you to be able to connect with collaborators and meeting attendees from across the world without worrying about compatibility of software and hardware platforms and devices.

Blue Jeans is a cloud-based solution that delivers high-quality telepresence videoconferencing, content sharing, and real-time video sharing. Blue Jeans is available free-of-charge to all faculty and staff members at U-M Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint, without the hassle of setting up yet another account and password.

Intended Audience

This Quicknote is intended for current faculty and staff who would like to know more about using Blue Jeans for videoconferencing.


To follow this Quicknote, you must be currently affiliated with the University and have access to a University computing account.

Blue Jeans Features

The service makes communication and collaboration easy in situations where everyone cannot be in the same physical space, making it ideal for large meetings that wouldn't work in a traditional conference room, collaboration between different buildings or campuses, or remote interview sessions of prospective applicants. Here are additional Blue Jeans features:

  • A Blue Jeans user account is needed to schedule, host, or moderate a meeting, but it is not needed to attend or participate in a meeting. That means your meeting participants do not need to set up an account, unlike free options such as Google Hangouts.
  • Participants are not limited by the proprietary program or hardware they have available, unlike many videoconferencing systems. Meeting participants can join from a variety of devices, including telephone (voice-only), smartphone, tablet, laptop, or video telepresence systems.
  • Up to 150 different devices and endpoints can connect and contribute to a single meeting. For comparison, Google Hangouts is able to support 10-15 endpoints.
  • Blue Jeans provides one-click recording of your meetings, so that they may be shared with attendees who were unable to make it, get archived for your records, etc.
  • The service is able to easily switch between content sources, allowing you to display your camera for a traditional Skype or Hangouts-like experience, display the content on your screen to display a presentation, or even play a prepared video directly in Blue Jeans.

Additional Information

Additional functionalities include: sharing high-resolution documents, images, and videos; one-click recording, sharing, and downloading of your meeting; end-to-end encrypted meetings, and live text-based chat when a camera/microphone is not available.

To learn more about the service and how to register for a Blue Jeans account, visit the UM-Ann Arbor information page on the Blue Jeans Videoconferencing service:

Information about the use of Sensitive Data with Blue Jeans technology is available in the Safe Computing Sensitive Data Guide:

Learn how others are using Blue Jeans to connect and collaborate around the world in the recently published Record article: "ITS offering new easy-to-use videoconferencing service".


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Blue Jeans, please contact Ann Arbor ITS for assistance.

Phone#: (734) 764-4357

Alternatively, visit the links below for more information about using Blue Jeans, the Blue Jeans Support Center, and the current Blue Jeans Network Status.

UM-AA Blue Jeans Documentation
UM-AA Blue Jeans FAQ
Blue Jeans Support Center
Blue Jeans Network Status

If you have any questions or experience any issues with this Quicknote, please visit or contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.

Locations: 206 Murchie Science Building or 3174 William S. White Building
Phone#: (810) 762-3123 (option 1)

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